Atabak's Gold - G9 Rigger Light Freighter

The Atabak’s Gold’s crew was near Kwenn Space Station, in the Outer Rim Territories, in 1 ABY when they responded to a message from a friend…

The G9 Rigger freighter is a type of Corellian freighter. It was already an aging model by the time of the Clone Wars. It is slow and unwieldy compared to starfighters. While not a military design, at least one such vessel, the Twilight, saw action in the Clone Wars, when Anakin Skywalker used it to escape Teth and was intercepted over Tatooine by Rogue-class starfighters. The G9 Rigger has 3 blaster cannons located on the struts projecting out of the ship.



Atabak's Gold - G9 Rigger Light Freighter

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