Star Wars: Force and Destiny

Depths plummed..

On the path

The derelict Jedi spaceship had taken its toll. Voth Tylsek finished the Imperial Agent Eren Garai and rushed to the defence of his new compatriots who had fallen to assassin droids. In a battle that lasted for a full minute the Nautolan and an assassin droid fought. Force pike to force pike they danced and spun, cutting each other repeatedly until a decapitated droid hit the floor. Bleeding but still upright, Voth retrieved his two allies and was able to find a credit stick on Garai’s body to go with the force pikes he looted. A quick jump was made to elude pursuit from the ISB freighter that was attached to the derelict. While everyone was injured and some critically, a holocron was found with forgotten Jedi knowledge and schematics to construct lightsaber hilts. But they would still lack the necessary crystal components, perhaps the holocron has ideas? Maybe help could be found with the Rebellion? Time will tell as the Atabak’s Gold hypers to a hidden rebel asteroid base Voth has used before…



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