Star Wars: Force and Destiny

Depths plummed..
On the path

The derelict Jedi spaceship had taken its toll. Voth Tylsek finished the Imperial Agent Eren Garai and rushed to the defence of his new compatriots who had fallen to assassin droids. In a battle that lasted for a full minute the Nautolan and an assassin droid fought. Force pike to force pike they danced and spun, cutting each other repeatedly until a decapitated droid hit the floor. Bleeding but still upright, Voth retrieved his two allies and was able to find a credit stick on Garai’s body to go with the force pikes he looted. A quick jump was made to elude pursuit from the ISB freighter that was attached to the derelict. While everyone was injured and some critically, a holocron was found with forgotten Jedi knowledge and schematics to construct lightsaber hilts. But they would still lack the necessary crystal components, perhaps the holocron has ideas? Maybe help could be found with the Rebellion? Time will tell as the Atabak’s Gold hypers to a hidden rebel asteroid base Voth has used before…

Lessons of the Past
A beginning

Each in turn had a vivid dream that caused them to turn from their daily lives and pursue a different future. The Nautolan spacer Voth Tylsek, invisioned Jedi Knight Kit Fisto flying Voth’s ship to various worlds and picking up other “special” people to begin a long journey. Not long thereafter a request that was meant for Voth’s old mentor arrived. “Please come to Eriadu and inspect this Jedi artifact” – Ashur Sungazer. Something about it just seemed right and Voth was granted leave to pursue the message – after he dropped off his last shipment of foodstuffs and medical supplies to a planet recently savaged by forces of the Empire. Sitting before his astrogation computer, Voth found himself entering information that would send him to Nar Shadaa. The Nautolan expected he would have one more crew member shortly…
Stobo found himself out of breath – not something that occurred easily for a Zabrak in as good health as he. But the effort put forth was for good reason, his pursuers had not been seen for over a half hour now. The old man had described the ship that he should seek out “A rigger freighter, only one wing and a plylon that descends from the middle, a blocky body and not new. Look for the green tentacle one.” And sure enough there was one such craft descending into the closest hanger. Walking swiftly to the open cargo door of the hanger structure, Stobo witnessed a green tinged Nautolan descend the ramp from the ship. The Zabrak passed the Nautolan at a jog, saying, “Good timing,” as he climbed the ramp into the G-9 Rigger Freighter.
Knowing this was what he came for Voth Tylsek followed who he soon learned was Stobo into the ship and onward to Mirial, the next planet it seemed was a good place to go.
Since being cast out from the orphanage a few years before, Samarra had number of jobs, none of which felt anything like a calling. A few years as a local police officer and recently acting as a gymnastics instructor until the gym had closed left the Mirialan with tattoos of note, but luckily nothing to shame her either. Aimlessly she wandered until she found herself at the starport. Looking up she caught sight of a strange, right angled and blocky looking ship descending. Samarra stopped cold as her body tingled in anticipation and excitement. Why? Going to the landing pad seemed “right” and as she approached the recently docked freighter and saw the Nautolan turn toward her and wave her on board. Why not! It seemed right! Samarra Sky was the last to join the crew of the Atabak’s Gold… For now.
Finally Voth was able to set course for the outer rim world of Eriadu. A planet defintily in the thrall of the Empire with the late Grand Moff Tarkin having come from there. Eriadu was home to an Imperial drydock and a vast amount of industrial activity. But what brings the force sentients of the Atabak’s Gold to Eriadu is a chance to perhaps identify something of the Jedi. Ashur Sungazer had requested an old friend and mentor to Voth to attend him at the massive Phelar University Archive of Eriadu. The Archive is a repository for artifacts and information from across the galaxy and across thousands of years.
Arriving at Phelar, the capitol city of Eriadu, the group found themselves in need of respirators as the air of Phelar was at best poor – prolonged exposure could have deleterious short term effects. Deciding the best course of action to gain access to the secure archives would be to pose as credentialed scholars, the group set about getting those credentials and a few hundred credits lighter they proceeded to the university.
Once on the university grounds the force sensitives found themselves observing a couple of guards accost and beat a scholar in a nearby alley. Declining to intervene, they proceeded on their way. But the feeling of perhaps not championing the helpless weighed on them.
Proffering the faux credentials the party was able to talk their way through the security checkpoint, but not before being corralled into a university orientation session by Proctor Eren Garai. Not wishing to raise suspicion the group sat through the thirty minute presentation and answered the Proctors questions as to their scholarly pursuits. Believing themselves free from suspicion they took an elevator to the 35th floor and the waiting Ashur Sungazer.
The old academic greeted them and ended up showing them a few items of interest that the party were able to identify to different levels of certainty:
1. An ancient helmet cut in half.
a. Cut was made by a lightsaber.
b. Mandalorian construction.
2. An old transponder.
a. From the ship Astral Jester.
b. Remembered folktales about a modern captain of the Astral Jester, who claimed he knew secret hyperspace lanes through the Deep Core but never returned from his travels there.
3. A Stormtrooper Officer’s report.
a. “Lieutenant TK-575 reporting. All useful cargo has been confiscated and added to out stores. The smuggler has been judged and sentenced.” You then hear the sounds of blaster fire. “All other cargo, a transponder, helmet, electronics, and some sort of necklace, will be delivered to Eriadu. Nothing else to report.”
4. An ancient droid control core.
a. From a Basilisk war droid.
b. Mandalorians rode these hulking, four-legged machines like tauntauns.
5. The Ilum talisman.
a. Teardrop-shaped stone chip about 2 ½cm long, with distinct carvings on one side, radiates power to the force sensitives. Tiny veins of crystals, seen when held up to the light give the stone an almost organic, living quality. A hole has been carved into the top and a thread woven through it to be worn around the neck.
b. Jedi Master Val Isa wore this charm – unusual since Jedi eschew jewelry.
c. The force power “sense” allows the party to realize that the spirit of a once-living being can be discerned within the talisman. The talisman feels like a living thing. It exudes calm and serenity. But you also sense sadness, loss, guilt, and mourning. You intuit a wish to do better, to be better, and you feel that the talisman will help you achieve this goal.
Voth Tylsek puts the talisman on and feels himself transported to another reality:
You find yourself on a stone dais, staring at a hidden safe embedded in the floor. A holocron sits nestled in the safe’s center. The safe’s lid, a stone block the size of an astromech droid, lies off to one side.
The dais stands in the middle of a large chamber made of dark stone, perhaps thirty meters wide and just as tall. Stone walkways arc in circular patterns around the chamber.
Even as you lift the stone block into place over the hidden safe, the chamber shudders and you hear distant explosions rumble. You turn to your students and the crew of your starship. One, wearing on officer’s uniform, looks up from his comlink. "Master Isa. The Mandalorians have breached the hull!
You nod firmly. "Go. I will hold them here. You can still escape in the Sanctuary’s shuttle. "
Your students protest, but you accept no argument. In a moment they’ve fled, leaving you alone. You kneel down on the dais, your lightsaber sitting on the stone before you. Soon, the sounds of combat fill the halls, and a pack of armored warriors bursts into the chamber. You look at them calmly. ’’I do not seek a fight."
The warriors howl and leap at you, weapons drawn. You wait calmly, until they are moments away. Then your lightsaber flies into your hand, and you spring forward to fight your last battle.
As the vision fades, the PC senses Val’s parting words:
“Do not follow my example. Jedi cannot retreat from the world. They must struggle, succeed, and fail with the rest of the galaxy.”

Research on the items done with the vast resources of the Archive computers allowed the party to pull the threads together on where that final scene might have occurred. Val Isa’s ship the Sanctuary, the group believes, can be found in the Koler system.
The Sanctuary was known to have been there at one point with the Republic fleet. The Astral Jester’s flight plans showed it to have been to Koler. One of the worlds lost to the Mandalorians was Koler. Basilisk war droids were spotted in the Koler system. The Empire officer’s tour of duty included time at the planet Empress Teta – near Koler. One of the paintings ascribed to Jedi Master Val Isa was titled “Koler:Fire.”
The force sensitives barely made it away with the artifacts, from the University grounds, as the alarm was sounded. Encountering a couple of guards causing near disaster, but the smog filled air lent the opportunity of escape that the party took willingly. A lock down of their freighter greeted them at the starport, but Stobo’s quick access of the hanger computer system allowed for a quick getaway into orbit – ahead of pursuit, but also ahead of Ashur Sungazer who had planned on accompanying them on their historic trip to research this Jedi myth and put it to bed for once and forever.

Three days later brings them to Koler, a system on the edge of the Deep Core, contains an ancient red supergiant slowly shedding its atmosphere, a few rocky planets (once gas giants] in unstable orbits, an asteroid field, and the debris of destroyed starships. The wreck of the Sanctuary sits in the middle of a cluster of asteroids, so battered and ancient that it has become nearly indistinguishable from the tumbling rocks around it. A brief search of two days reveals the Sanctuary. It looks like a gothic tower with twisted structural beams for spires and electrical arcs for lanterns. Thin atmosphere has been detected, but the ship looks to have barely survived the attack and subsequent secondary explosions. Drifting for since the Mandalorian wars, the Sanctuary sits before you. Voth identifies an airlock that he says is near to the Jedi Training room that he had the vison of…


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