Voth Tylsek



A green-skinned Nautolan of Glee Anselm, Voth Tylsek wears the traditional leather bands around his several head tails. With a laid-back and accepting outlook on life, he takes his duties with enthusiasm, often sporting a wide smile when things are going his way. He has a well-developed sense of humility to go with a sense of humor. Voth Tylsek mostly keeps a low profile, and is generally fairly quiet. Although slow to trust people, he becomes steadfastly loyal once he does.

In his youth, he became friends with the captain of a small trader ship that would visit Glee Anselm as it made its runs. The captain took him under his wing and became his mentor once he was old enough. They traveled throughout the outer-rim hauling freight and supplies. He developed a strong bond with his mentor for having initiated him in the skills of piloting and helped fulfill his initial yearnings to explore the Galaxy.

As his mentor grew older and eventually retired back to his homeworld of Alderann, Voth continued his wanderlust, seeking passage and/or working as a hand on any ship he could find.

Recently, while visiting his mother on Glee Anselem in between service on a ship, was overcome by by the scream of what appeared to be countless thousand voices in his head. He passed out to the incredible strain. Only days later upon learning the fate of his mentor’s home world and family did he make the connection that his “vision” was at the exact moment of the destruction of Alderaan. Since then Voth has had frequent dreams that interrupt his rest. These dreams usually involve another Nautolan who he recognizes from holo-images his mother showed him when growing up of her cousin. At the time she explained that he had disappeared while fighting as a “Jedi Knight” at the end of the Clone Wars. However, she appeared to be very nervous in talking about “Kit” and the subject never was brought up again. Voth has brought up the subject of his “dreams” and his incapacitation. She evades the subject and begs him to “forget it” that it is just dreams.

After this event, Voth sought and gained a spot with a Rebel cell, as he seeks to fight the evil and tyranny the Empire represents as well as seeking justice in having destroyed Alderaan and his mentor. His enlistment has allowed him to also pursue his desire to learn about his strange dreams, Kit Fisto, and possible information on his mentor (in the hopes that perhaps he was off world when Alderaan blew up).

Species Gender Age
Nautolan Male 32
Careers Specialization
Seeker Pathfinder
Total Experience Experience Available
110 0
Threshold Current
4 0
Ranged Melee
0 0
Threshold Current
14 0
Threshold Current
12 0
Threshold Current Penalty
8 2 0
Characteristics Level
Brawn 3
Agility 4
Intellect 2
Cunning 2
Willpower 2
Presence 2
General Skills Char. Career Ranks
Astrogation Int 0
Athletics Br 1
Charm Pr 0
Coercion Will 0
Computer Int 0
Cool Pr 0
Coordination Ag 0
Deception Cun 0
Discipline Will 0
Leadership Pr 0
Mechanics Int 0
Medicine Int Yes 1
Negotiation Pr 0
Perception Cun 0
Piloting – Planet Ag Yes 0
Piloting – Space Ag Yes 1
Resilience Br Yes 0
Skulldugery Cun 0
Stealth Ag 0
Streetwise Cun 0
Survival Cun Yes 0
Vigilance Will Yes 1
Knowledge Skills Char. Career Ranks
Core Worlds Int 0
Education Int 0
Galactic Civil War Int 0
Lore Int 0
Outer Rim Int 0
Underworld Int 0
Xeneology Int Yes 0
Combat Skills Char. Career Ranks
Brawl Br 0
Gunnery AG 0
Lightsaber BR/AG 0
Melee Br 0
Ranged – Light AG Yes 1
Ranged – Heavy Ag Yes 1
Talent and Special Abilities
Name Rank Page Description
Amphibious 1 AoR 41 You may breathe underwater w/o penalty and never suffer movement penalties for traveling through water.
Grit 1 EotE136 Gain +1 Strain Threshold.
Keen eyed 1 xxx xxxxx
Strength Weakness Notes
Curiosity Obsession Voth is driven to learn new things and explore the Galaxy. Since hearing the “screams” in his head when Alderaan was destroyed and the dreams/visions of his distant relative Kit Fisto (Jedi Knight) he has become what some would call obsessed with gaining any and all knowledge of Kit Fisto and what may have become of him.
** ** **
Type Specific Details False Front
Discovery Planets Seeking out and discovering new worlds, information, or the wonderous secrets hidden among the galaxy. N/A
** ** **
Force Powers Force Rating – 1
Force Power Specific Details
Sense Basic Power The Force User can sense the Force interacting with the world around them. User may spend FP to sense all things within short range (including sentient and non-sentient beings); The User may spend FP to sense the current emotional state of one living target with whom he is engaged. N/A
** ** **
Weapons Enc Skill Range Damage Crit Special Abilities
TT24 Holdout Blaster 1 Ranged (Lgt) Medium 6 3 Stun Setting
Combat knife 1 Melee Engaged (Br)+1—4 3 Stun Setting
Fists N/A Brawl Engaged (Br) 5 Disorient 1; Knockdown
Armour Enc Defense Soak Special Notes
Heavy Clothing 1 0 1
Gear Quantity Enc Notes
xxxx xxx xxx xxxx
Gear Quantity Enc Notes
Comlink 1 0 Notes
Stimpack 2 0 Notes

Voth Tylsek

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