Zabrak, Sentinel, Shadow


Orphaned at an early age, Stobo learned the ways of the street and how to obtain enough to survive. Stobo learned that for some reason he could sneak into places that others couldn’t, using this ability made his life a lot more pleasant and interesting. Catching the eye of one of the minor underworld lords, he was taken under his wing, and taught the ways of the underworld. Using his new found knowledge he became an expert at gathering information and other items of interest.

One day while on an errand, Stobo was surprised when an old man caught him by the shoulder and simpled stated “I see you”. Baffled by this action, after he was finished Stobo tracked down this old man to inquire how. The old man babbled on about unseen forces, and mind tricks used by the Jedi masters, Stobo decided he had heard enough and got up to leave. The old man grabbed him one more time and stated “you will be hunted young one, they fear what you represent”.

Writing the old man off as a loon Stobo returned to his lair to examine his new find items. As he got closer to his home something felt off, approaching cautiously he found that his home was in ruins. It looked like a small storm had hit only his home, the door was blown in and the inside looked just as bad. Street instincts kicked in full force, using all his skill he headed to his teams hang out. He arrived just in time to see a small Imperial force leaving the hide out, over hearing a guard state “he isn’t here, spread out and find him”.
Stobo quickly gathered up is gear from all of his hidden stashes, and made his way back to the old man. Puzzled by recent events, he wanted answers. Getting to the old man he asked why, the old man bowed his head and said “I fear we have no time for explanations, go board this ship and leave here, the rest is up to you to find out and learn. Just know you are special and will be needed in the time to come”. The old man rose from his seat and said firmly “Go now before it is to late”. I grabbed my belongings and left out the back door, as I hit the door I heard the old man say..” you have not found your prey, but you have become the prey”. Over the sound of blaster fire Stobo made his way to the spaceport and looked for a ship matching the old man description. Surprised that he was waved aboard without question, he boarded the ship and left on his next adventure.

When asked his name his simply stated Lobo, for that is the name he will now use in remembrance Lucious his one time mentor and his fellow clan mates.


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